Please check the questions below before emailing us. Should your concern not be covered you may reach out to network@global-in.org

Is the conference financed?

The conference is partially financed, with support from the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Embassies in Berlin and Zagreb. We cover accommodation for three nights, two meals per day and attendance at all events during the conference. You cover travel to and from Zagreb, one to two meals per day and any extra leisure costs.

Is there a deadline to apply?

The admissions is rolling from 1st of April onwards — so sign up while there is still spots! We will not take sign-ups later than one week before the event unless in very special circumstances.

Who is eligible to participate?

Alumni who are between 18 and 30 years old, who can travel VISA free to Croatia or have a valid current valid VISA and who have participated in any of the following programs: 

  • Balkan Youth Forum (BYF)
  • Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellowship (BFTF)
  • Global-In Fellowship (GIF)
  • Mission Europe (yEUth)
  • Nordic Youth Summer Initiative (NYSI)
  • Young Ambassadors Norway (YA)
  • Young European Peers (YEP)
  • Young Leaders for Tomorrow’s Europe (YLTE)
  • Youth Ambassadors Summer Institute (YASI)

Do I have to prove I am an eligible alumni?

Yes. We will either certify your eligibility through our databases. If not possible, we will contact you to provide proof of having attended the programs included.

Can I participate if I am older than 30 years or younger than 18 years?

To keep the community in roughly the same age group we have limited the age span. Should you be above 30 years we highly encourage you to reach out to us for possibilities to join as a speaker/panelist. Are you below 18 you unfortunately have to wait until next year. 

Can I attend the conference as a speaker or panelist?

We highly encourage interested speakers, panelists or other people with ideas for the weekend to reach out to us as soon as possible. In particular we seek to connect with alumni who have managed projects or who have unique past experiences.

Can I come earlier or leave later?

Yes, you can extend your travel and enjoy Zagreb in springtime all you wish — however, note that we only cover costs during the time of the program (Thursday afternoon to Sunday midday). Make sure to let the organizers (gin@global-in.org) know about your travel plans prior to booking.

Can I come later or leave earlier?

Exceptions can be made from the Thursday afternoon to Sunday midday schedule in individual cases. Contact the organizers (gin@global-in.org) in connection with signing up or prior to booking your travel.

Will I have time to explore Zagreb?

The program is packed with activities, however, we recognize the importance of also experiencing local contexts and culture and have made sure to include this in the program. More information to come.

I am an alumni from another international youth exchange, am I eligible?

Our alumni are all from U.S. Department of State sponsored or supported programs, or follow-up projects thereof. Should you be alumni from another similar program not listed, reach out at gin@global-in.org, describing the program and why you think you should be eligible. We reserve the right to not including all programs.