The Global-In Network is a strong and diverse community of young leaders from Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and the United States

Aspiring young leaders who are alumni of our partner programs and who seek to connect with fellows from various projects and generations are welcome to join our international network. We provide both on- and offline networking opportunities and seek to help our members make full use of the endless potentials of the community. Annual conferences as well as frequent local meetings are integral to the success of our newly established network.

Young aspiring leaders from across the globe are the foundation for Global-In Network’s potential reach.

Each member is driven to address various challenges our local, regional or global community faces today – we unite diversity.

Peer-to-Peer-Concepts facilitate the exchange among our members, who are (to be) experts in various fields.

Our network supports disadvantaged alumni, as leadership should not be determined by socio-economic background.

Our History

The idea for an international alumni association to facilitate international collaboration and friendship developed throughout our founders’ many years of work with youth exchange projects, especially Global-In Fellowship. 

With each participant joining our informal alumni community after a GIF edition, we came to understand the incredible potential of our network: Young leaders and activists living across the globe, who are aspiring to play key roles in the society of tomorrow — but in dire need of a forum to further develop and stay connected.

Given our ties to other international exchanges, especially the Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellows Summer Institute (U.S. Department of State), we decided to aim for not just a European, but a global network.

In 2018, we founded the network together with select partner projects and supported by the U.S. Embassies Berlin and Zagreb and partially funded by the U.S. Department of State.

Fundamental Principles

The Global-In Network emphasises the importance of sustainability in youth programs and is dedicated to proactively support and connect its alumni after the end of a project. To achieve our goals, we have created a set of features, each to be fully implemented and integrated as the network takes it shape.

Online Network

Our internal online platform facilitates sustainable impact through fora based on our members’ ideas and demands, creating continuously new opportunities for discussions and connections.

Social Fund

Within the next years, we hope to establish a social fund financially supporting disadvantaged members and kick-starting Alumni initiatives.

Yearly Conferences

Our annual conferences will rotate geographically, address important topics and connect both new and old alumni. Local meetings will complete our “offline” strategy, connecting alumni in different regions.

Exponential Impact

The network accompanies our alumni on their paths to becoming key players in their communities, further reminding them to stand up for values such as mutual understanding, international cooperation — and the voice of youth!

Visions and Values

The Global-In Network connects members from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, at different points in life and with various interests. However, all members and projects share the same, positive spirit of international cooperation and thrive off the potential of young leaders.

International Friendship

All Alumni enormously profited from the strong spirit of international friendship youth projects can create.

Mutual Understanding

Our partner projects facilitate the understanding between different cultures, backgrounds and beliefs.

Civic Engagement

We encourage our Alumni to become active in the process of development of their local society.

Social Innovation

As political and social systems require frequent updates, we support our Alumni to reimagine society.


Tolerance, respect and equal opportunities are key values our associations stands up for.


Diplomacy and personal experiences with different cultures and people play important roles for peace.


A deep understanding of democratic structures and values help our members to identify challenges.