Global Network.

We connect young leaders across the global who have participated in international youth exchanges in the past and seek to contribute to an international community today.

Global Programs.

While different, all our partner programs seek to foster mutual understanding across countries and regions, to provide high-level education on various topics including international relations, diplomacy and rhetorics.

Global Youth.

The programs’ participants are all active and engaged young leaders, who have been given the opportunity to develop themselves, together, regardless of socioeconomic background.

Sustainable Impact.

Seeking to establish sustainable impacts, we connect alumni of various projects, countries, ages and sectors of society to further enhance international exchange and support mentoring.

Yearly Conferences.

Committed to foster further education and to facilitate peer-to-peer exchange, we hope to organize yearly conferences on topics of importance globally and to youth in particular.

Local Connections.

Dedicated to enhance the exchange of knowledge, best-practices and resources to support follow-up alumni initiatives that can serve as vision multipliers, impacting our alumni’s local communities.